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One If By Land
Monticello lies at the intersection of US Hwy. 425 & US Hwy. 278. The former is a relatively short stretch of federal highway connecting Pine Bluff, Ark. & Bastrop, La. The latter stretches through five states, beginning in Hilton Head Island, SC and terminating in Wickes, Ark. (Go ahead. Click the link. You need to know this stuff. You might be on Jeopardy some day.)

From The North (Little Rock): Monticello can be reached by traveling Interstate 530 South from Little Rock to its terminus at Pine Bluff. US 425 begins where I-530 ends, and Monticello is approximately 45 miles south of Pine Bluff on US 425.

From The South (Monroe): Monticello is located approximately 81 miles north of Monroe, La. Travelers using this route should take US 165 North from Monroe to Bastrop and follow it until it intersects with US 425 at the town square. Monticello is approximately one hour north of Bastrop.

From The West (Wilmar): Monticello is eight miles due east of Wilmar.

From The East (Hilton Head, SC): Monticello is just shy of 1,000 miles west of Hilton Head Island. As the song says, it's time to go west young man. It you make good time and drive straight through, you can probably make it in 20 hours.

Two If By Air
Unless you own your own plane (or a parachute), Monticello isn't directly assessible through the air. However, commercial flights are available at airports either 90 miles north or south of town.

LIT - Little Rock National Airport - Little Rock, AR
Little Rock National Airport provides a wide range of non-stop air service to and from 21 airports across the country on flights provided by American Eagle, Continental Airlines, Delta / Delta Connection, Frontier Airlines, Northwest / Northwest Airlink, Southwest and US Airways.

MLU - Monroe Regional Airport - Monroe, LA
Monroe Regional Airport offers approximatley two dozen daily flights to and from Atlanta, Memphis and Houston with service provided by Delta Connection, Northwest Airlink and Continental Express, respectively.

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