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The Arkansas Fallen Firefighters Memorial plate would be available to any motor vehicle owner -- not just firefighters and their families. This would allow everyday citizens to express their support for the state's firefighters and to remember those that we have lost while on duty.

The Arkansas Fallen Firefighters Memorial would receive $25 for each plate issued to initially support construction of the memorial. After construction was complete, the funds could be used for either upkeep of the memorial or some sort of fire safety outreach program.

The plate (as proposed here) would prominently display the Fallen Firefighters Memorial logo. The background of the plate would be a bright red fading to white. The color scheme makes the plate highly visible by using a color often associated with the fire service. The fade to white prevents confusion with the solid red license plates issued to state-operated vehicles.

What's next?
A specialty license plate is created by an act passed by the legislature. A bill supporting the plate must be drafted, sponsored by a legislator, introduced and successfully make it through the legislative process.

The Arkansas Fallen Firefighters Memorial, Inc. is currently pursuing the idea of a specialty license plate -- although not neccessarily the concept that appears here. A minimum of 1,000 names & addresses are needed before the project can proceed. To help in gathering names/addresses or to add yours to the list of persons interested in a firefighter memorial plate, e-mail Bob Edwards.

Additionally, the Fallen Firefighters Memorial committee will have a display at the 2004 Arkansas EMS Convention in Hot Springs July 22-24. They will have the neccessary forms so that you can add your name to the list of interested persons.

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