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The Concept...
Until recently, the state of Arkansas featured very few "specialty" license plates available to the general public. For the most part, the selection was limited to plates supporting your favorite state college or the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission.

Now, a number of organizations have sponsored their own specialty plates. The Department of Finance and Revenue lists plates that benefit six universities and more than eight other organizations. Those organizations include the Boy Scouts, Arkansas Cattlemen's Foundation, Arkansas Department of Health, Committed to Education Foundation, Ducks Unlimited, Arkansas Game & Fish Commission, Breast Cancer Research Fund and the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Scholarship and Program Fund.

Each of these specialty plates carries a $35 plate fee in addition to the cost of registration. The DFA keeps $10 as a processing fee. The remaining $25 is given to the sponsoring organization. The organization benefits with additional funds and the vehicle owner gets to show support for a cause in a unique way.

Why not add the Arkansas Firefighters Memorial to the growing list of organizations with specialty plates?

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