Mike Watson for Mayor

"I feel that I have a good understanding of most of Maumelle’s issues, problems and strengths and feel that I can deal with the issues, solve or minimize the problems and build on the strengths when elected."

"I firmly believe the welfare of the City as a whole should be placed ahead of special interest groups or individual entities."

"We have a number of issues that need to be addressed immediately and are not receiving enough attention from the current administration..."

I Will Help Improve Public Safety in Maumelle.
       Immediate need for additional fire station
       More police officers and firefighters needed


I Will Help Improve Financial Accountability.
       Place our needs ahead of our wants!


I Will Work To Achieve Responsible Growth
       Strengthen existing ordinances and develop new ordinances
           regarding construction amenities and natural elements


I Will Address The Traffic on Maumelle Blvd.
       Develop a better relationship with North Little Rock officials
       Work to complete the third access road into Maumelle


I Will Work Hard To Complete The Third Access.
       Designate funds for right of way acquisition and construction


I Will Investigate Impact Fees on New Construction.
       Funds would be designated for a fire station & the third access